wxGuide is a tutorial, a collection of guidelines for designing and building cross-platform applications written in C++ using the wxWidgets (formerly wxWindows) framework. It gives ideas and advice how an application and its GUI could and should be written. The demo sample of wxGuide applies all these guidelines and can even be taken as a starting base for your own project to speed up your software development cycle.

The main goal of wxGuide is to give the GUI of any application a consistent and a well-designed look and feel. Development with these guidelines gives the GUI of an application a standard set of base functionality. Application using these guidelines should allow for ease of use, so a user might immediately feel comfortable.

Of course any of these guidelines should be viewed as a tutorial and may be freely applied (or not) and it's understandable that not in each of these guidelines are appropriate in every case. Still these guidelines should and will get to a state where they simply are just usable.



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wxGuide is meant for you, for everyone believing in the free software world. But it also needs you, needs everyone who agrees on its target. Even if you can't help much or do any work you can give your assistance by simply

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2005-03-04 (wyo) wyoEditor 2.2.6 with wxScintilla 1.62.5 released. Fixed some more unicode problems, now it builds correct in unicode mode. Fixed a loop lock when "void main(" was the last text in the buffer. Added missing menu enabler for "Show ..." menu entries under GTK. Reenabled the preferences for "Convert to spaces/tabs".

2005-02-10 (wyo) The guidelines 0.4.4 and wxGuide-Demo 1.2.3 released. All code is now unicode compatible. The help file location can now be determined and stored in the configuration.

2005-02-04 (wyo) wyoEditor 2.2.5 released. When the help file isn't found, because on Unix it can be anywhere, a file selector box opens and allows to locate the file manually. The help file location is remembered but can be changed later on. Therefore loading help books for e.g. framework wxWidgets help (wx.htb) works as well when stored in the same location
Also corrected in this release is a bug which prevented printing.


2004-11-04 (wyo) Both projects, wxGuide and wyoEditor, are now on the first page in their appropriate topic.

2003-09-30 (wyo) First public announcement of the guidelines (0.2) and wxGuide-Editor (1.0).

2003-01-31 (wyo) Initial start of this project. The goal of the project and the base web site layout is defined.